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Writing the perfect Computer Engineer resume

The field of computers and technology encompasses a wide range of talents that includes IT, programmers, web development, and software engineers. A computers and technology resume has to be updated as frequently as industry hardware and software is. Before submitting one, a candidate should carefully review the position and the company to ensure the resume isn’’t referencing outdated material. A computers and technology resume has to delineate the candidate’s specific and unique skills, as well as an ability to interact well on teams, and show good organizational and writing skills, critical thinking and problem solving. The resume must also detail the candidate’s skill set. It should clearly indicate if the talent lies in repairing and maintaining workstations, setting up Intranets, or managing information.

What You’ll Do:

Develop high-quality software design and architecture
Identify, prioritize and execute tasks in the software development life cycle
Develop tools and applications by producing clean, efficient code
Automate tasks through appropriate tools and scripting
Perform validation and verification testing
Document development phases and monitor systems
making sure the quality standards are met.

Typical employers of Computer Engineer:

Software Developer
Analytics Manager
Software Developer
Web developer
Video game designer
Information systems manager
Database administrator
Data analyst
Mobile developer
IT consultant

Key Skills Every Computer Engineer Must have :

Computer Programming
You should be very good with algorithms and data structures. Given a problem you should be able to come up with a data structure and correct and efficient algorithms to solve it. Remember that during interviews just coming up with the appropriate answer is not sufficient. The approach is more important. If your answer is not optimized but the approach is correct then you should be able to get through.

Passion for Code
Programming isn’t for the uninterested. You must have a passion for code, developing it from a purely scientific skill into a craft or an art. Building code is much like developing a painting, a sculpture, or a symphony. With the popularity of Open Source, you don’t have to be alone in code creation — the ability to work with software engineers and developers from around the world is possibly through the Internet.

Problem Solving Skills
Every developer must be aware of the fact that the principle thesis of software development is “solving some kind of problem”. The software development or technically the “coding” done to develop software provides the solution to that problem. A software developer without problem solving skills is more likely to write code which fails to give desired outcomes and rather ends up creating more problems. A good way to learn the best practices of software development is by learning from the suggestions of the experienced developers. Expert recommendations and experiences are often shared at a number of websites and developer forums/blogs. There can be situations when a developer isn’t able to find the apt solution to a problem. In such a situation he can seek help from several online forums and communities like stackoverflow.

. Good communications
Communication skills (both verbal and written) and People skills are essential in almost every domain today. You may come up with a very elegant solution, but it is necessary to communicate it to the interviewer properly. Use examples, speak slowly and clearly and keep the interviewer involved and you should be good.

to Keep Learning
The IT industry is growing constantly and software are often frequently updated with new features. A skilful software developer must possess the zeal for learning the new trends and upgrading his/her skill set. This is possible only when you have a passion for software development. Only a passionate professional takes interest in learning new skills and work even after hours
By reading about the latest updates in IT industry and understanding how to solve real time business problems, a software developer can keep pace with the advancing IT industry. Google could be a helping hand to your learning by providing you access to the useful tutorials, books, articles and other learning resources.

Creating a Computer Engineer Resume


M. Jean Farabian

33 ans

14350J Grant Avenue, New York, NY 10603



Computer Engineer

Have excellent technical skills, communication skill, and goal-focused professional offering X years of experience in Computer industry. I am motivated and enthusiastic by new challenges and tasks and take excellent approach to achieve success in all projects. I like to work in a complex projects which have scope for learning and challenge. I have experience in working with different operating system and platforms . Have expertise various quality process and techniques by which I efficiently took care of quality deliverables of myself and my team which helped in gaining satisfied customers for the organization.

Key Skills Assessment

Good problem solving ability and analytic skill to solve the problem efficiently

Excellent Technical Skill

Good team player and have excellent interaction skill to coordinate and work within a team



University XXXX

Masters in Computer Science Engineering.

Work Experience

November 2015 - Present

Senior Software Engineer

Company xxxxx, , New York

Complete wide range of software development and programming tasks on contract basis.

Maintain accurate scheduling and meet objectives for simultaneous projects.

Consult with company and clients to determine user needs and design solutions.

Analyze software usability and performance, recommending changes to improve functionality.

Investigate errors to reproduce issues and develop software fixes.

Optimizing and performance tuning.

August 2011- August 2015

System Analyst

Company xxxxxx, , Bakersfield, CA

As a System Analyst I involved in analyzing the requirements of customer by visiting their place and prepared the requirement specification in detail.

analyze technical requirements and details required for developing the system and proposed solutions for implementing the same.

Investigate errors to reproduce issues and develop software fixes .

August 2008- November 2011

Systems Engineer

Company xxxxxx, , New Cityland, CA

I worked in system programming using JAVA and JE22 programming language. I had sound knowledge in networking protocols and device programming which helped to develop modules as the projects developed for the organization were on this line. I used my excellent analyzing ability for analyzing the existing business requirements and proposing new solutions for the problem. I also involved in production support for maintaining the system developed and resolved the complexities and bugs raised by customers efficiently and effectively on time. I also took the task of standardizing the maintenance process which helped in maintenance of documents and process for further reference.


English Intermediate

Spanish Intermediate


Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification

Prince 2 Foundation and Practitioner Certifications

ITIL Foundation Certification

Technical Skills

Languages: C, C++, Java, .NET, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, JAVA Proxy, JDK, SERVLET .

Architecture: Java EE, MDA, SOA

Databases: Oracle,SQL Server,MySQL, Access .

TCP/IP networking

Agile delivery methodologies.



Handball Team
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